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Brace International

Leading with Integrity, Excelling in Real Estate

Brace International is a comprehensive real estate investments, consulting, business development, and financial services company with a primary focus on single and multi-family real estate investments. The company employs a diverse range of real estate investment strategies, with each deal's unique characteristics dictating the specific approach through a meticulous deal analysis process.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and an extensive network in real estate, engineering, and construction, Brace International offers expert real estate investment consulting services. Leveraging their entrepreneurial background and business acumen, the company also provides business development and strategy consultancy services to clients.

In addition to their consultancy offerings, Brace International facilitates commercial loans, specializing in a variety of real estate and business capital loan products. With a commitment to tailored solutions and a client-centric approach, Brace International aims to support investors and businesses in achieving their real estate and financial goals.


At Brace International, our team is a dynamic blend of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. United by our commitment to excellence, we work collaboratively to empower our clients to achieve their real estate and business objectives. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored solutions and a client-centric approach to every project we undertake. Whether it's identifying lucrative investment opportunities, driving growth through strategic partnerships, or optimizing property performance, each member of our team plays a vital role in delivering exceptional service and driving success for our clients. With our collective passion and commitment to excellence, we stand ready to help you achieve your real estate and business goals.


To redefine the landscape of real estate investment by fostering sustainable growth and empowering communities worldwide.


To provide innovative real estate solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients while adhering to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

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